What is the purpose of data capture application?
HRMS module of the CFMS program, is a critical component for the smooth operation of the SAP application. As part of this, establishing the state-wide structure of all the offices, identifying the cade strength of the each of these offices, defining the positions in the offices, identifying employees in the positions, identifying vacant positions, maintenance of office hierarchy and also the related hierarchies is an important requirement for the CFMS program. Towards this, the Government has decided to collect the essential data in a mission mode through this "Online web-based application". It has been decided to collect the data directly from all the offices to obviate delay in the matter.
What is the data which I need to collate in order to start my data entry into the portal?
All the data essential for build the organization structure of the department and also to define the workflow within and without various functional units and linkages with the Treasuries/ PAOs etc.In addition to the data of regular Government Employees, the data relating to the grant-in-aid employees, ad-hoc personnel, honorary workers, work-charged staff, contingent employees, contract personnel, personnel hired on outsourcing basis through contractors, and all other miscellaneous functionaries who are directly or indirectly providing services to the government, in order to have a comprehensive database of all the human resources of the State
Where can I read the instructions, before filling the data into the system?
Instructions manual provided in Application welcome page. After successful login user can download
What is the URL address for data capture web portal?
What are the supporting browsers?
All versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer and Google Chrome
I am unable to login to my account?
  1. Please ensure you are using correct login credentials.
  2. Please ensure caps lock is turned off
I forgot my password and how do I change it?
Click on Forgot password tab and it will redirect you to your mail with a change password link
How do I change my old password?
After logging in with your login id credentials – click on General Tab and click on Change Password
How to raise my query in portal?
After logging in with your login id credentials – click on General Tab and Click on Contact us / Post your Query Tab
How do I know my query status?
After logging in with your login id credentials – click on General Tab and Click on Know your Query Status
How to identify the mandatory data fields in portal?
Every Page has an indication of All Fields are Mandatory. Fields which have # mark are optional
How to add an additional row in data capture application?
There is a provision of ADD tab wherever appropriate. Please click on ADD tab for adding the rows. Same is applicable to DELETE.
What can I do if information is not saved?
Please revisit the respective page on which your data was not saved and click on SAVE tab.
How to download my saved data?
Excel button Download appears wherever data download facility enabled
Whom can I contact for more information or help?
After logged into the portal, User can post the queries. User can read the instruction manual available in his homepage
I want to give a feed back?
Feedback provision is given in the Contact us tab
What can I do if my details are not visible in the dropdown list?
Post the query by providing employee code and name
How to logout/sign-out from my account?
Click on Logout tab
Where can I view the saved details?
Click on General tab and select Organization Unit details, go to 6th page and click on Final Submit tab
Will I be able to make any more corrections after submitting?
Yes, Till User clicks on the Final Submit button he can make the corrections
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